Soul-Wisdom Healing



  • Connect with the your inner essence.
  • Heal your past.
  • Identify and release old limiting patterns.
  • Let go of anxiety and stress in your life.
  • Be fully alive and present.
  • Live in peace and clarity.

You are an eternal soul.  As a soul you have many experiences. These experiences are stored in the body as cellular memories.  This process identifies and releases those old experiences, wounds, belief systems, unconscious programs, oaths and contracts, which are stuck in the body, and which are not in your highest and best good.

We do this by creating a safe, sacred space and reconnecting with divine source, healing archetypical energies, healing inner child conflicts, completing developmental stages, readjusting the time line, and other techniques. Finally we ground these changes in the body.


This process starts by scanning the human energy field to identify the nature of a person’s energy.  Is the life force strong, present and flowing throughout the whole body?  If not, where is the energy getting stuck and why?  Is the person living in their head?  Have they cut themselves off from certain parts of their body?  Are the emotions in combat with their reason and logic? Are they comfortable with their body? If no, why not?   Is their energy trapped in some other realm, dimension, place or time?

The goal of this process is transformation – to identify the original wound, limiting pattern, old belief system and to remove the cause of it.  Healing the issue at its core brings a profound sense of freedom and peace now. Then those parts of you that were previously trapped holding this pattern in place can be released.

Next, we call back and integrate those lost parts into the human nervous system. So this energy and power can be assimilated and absorbed.  For example, we may call back your power, freedom, life force, authority, wisdom, abilities, riches, etc.

Then the chakras and human sensory system are balanced and nurtured to contain and use these energies. The hemispheres of the brain are balancing and supported. If needed, the human body frequency is adjusted to be able to effectively handle this new expanded energy flow.

Afterwards, You will experience more power, freedom and choice in your life.

This process is used in the Core Healing and Past Life IntegrationRemote Healing sessions are also available. In these sessions a similar process along with Theta Healing techniques are used.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient system to rejuvenate the body, calm the mind, and uplift the spirit. Both Group and Individual classes are offered.